Popular YouTubers Speak Out After Shooting at Company HQ

"I have been inside that exact building & it’s scary to even say that," Jake Paul tweeted

Many in the YouTube community were heartbroken over Tuesday's shooting at the company's Silicon Valley headquarters and took to social media to offer their support for the victims.

The platform has created stars out of many of its most popular vloggers, some of whom noted they'd visited the building in San Bruno, California.

Authorities identified Nasim Aghdam as the shooter who wounded three people at YouTube headquarters before killing herself. While authorities haven't said what they think motivated Aghdam, her family has said she felt discriminated against her by filtering how many views she had. She posted screeds online against YouTube, NBC Bay Area's Investigative Unit found.

The Paul brothers, viral video pranksters who have over 31 million subscribers between them, both tweeted their condolences to the victims of the shooting and called for change.

"To my online family... I will not be posting a vlog in light of today's shooting at @YouTube. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones," Logan Paul said, adding, "I'm also tired of typing and reading that exact sentence … CHANGE. IS. NECESSARY."

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Jake Paul also offered his thoughts and prayers "to the amazing team there" and said he felt upset and sick over the shooting.

"I hope you all stay safe. No one should have to go through something so horrific," he said. "I have been inside that exact building & it’s scary to even say that. … We need change…now!"

Many others offered thoughts and prayers, including Ellen DeGeneres, whose show has 24 million YouTube subscribers, and makeup artist James Charles. Others called for change as well, like actor and singer Colleen Ballinger.

Jessica Ballinger, Colleen's sister-in-law and a popular YouTuber herself, asked her Twitter followers to send her ideas for ways to stop gun violence. Their ideas ran the gamut of proposals that often surface after shootings: banning guns, gun buy-back programs like one Australia implemented in 1996, funding mental health care, increasing security and expanding concealed carry permitting.

The YouTuber who has the most subscribers, PewDiePie, hadn't commented by 9 a.m. PT Wednesday.

Condolences poured in from the wider Silicon Valley community as well — the CEOs of Apple, Amazon and Twitter all tweeted about the shooting — and from President Donald Trump and other politicians.

Replying to Trump, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey linked to this March for Our Lives page, with "a simple and reasonable approach" to changing policy to limit gun violence.

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