You Could Win The Super Bowl! New York Jets

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NFL Training camp season is always a time for irrational exuberance. Every team thinks it can win the Super Bowl, even though 31 of those teams will end being horribly wrong. And so, to preview the upcoming NFL season, which could be the most unpredictable ever, we now give you five reasons why your favorite team could win the Super Bowl. Today, it's the New York Jets.

1. All hail Ricardo Humidor! I know that Jets fans want to cover their eyes every time Mark Sanchez throws the football, but Sanchez is that rare quarterback who plays his best when the stakes are the highest. He's been, against all odds, a brilliant playoff QB, despite having stretches of absolutely appalling play during the regular season. Sanchez will probably never be as good as the Tom Bradys and Philip Rivers of the world, but the man sure knows how to throw a fade route when he absolutely has to nail it. And the best part about it, if you're a Jets fan, is that...

2. The rest of the team is still loaded. The Jets had a number of high-profile losses in the offseason - Braylon Edwards, Shaun Ellis (gone to the hated Pats), Brad Smith, Damien Woody, etc. But the core of the team's young talent remained firmly in place: CB Darrelle Revis, OLs D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold, RB Shonn Greene, and more. This team will be able to run all day and, with Revis still around, make life miserable for opposing pass offenses. Furthermore, the additions of Derrick Mason and Plaxico Burress at wideout give Sanchez more options downfield than he's ever had (WR Santonio Holmes returned after dabbling with free agency). Speaking of Plax...

3. The only good folk are prison folk. If Plaxico Burress returns to Super Bowl MVP form after his stint in the joint, I predict going to prison will be the next hot offseason workout trend among all NFL players. Is your career stalling? Why not shoot yourself in the leg and then spend a Sabbatical year in your state's finest maximum security facility? You'll come out refreshed and rejuvenated. Best of all, the media will have your redemption storyline already written for you! It's the best idea ever! (Seriously though, if Plax is half as good as he was, the Jets offense will be pretty fantastic.)

4. Still having Revis Island around is a nice consolation prize. The Jets were close to signing Nnamdi Asomugha in August, and it's understandable to be let down that he went to Philly. After all, a tandem of Nnamdi and Revis would have probably been the greatest of all time. Jets fans surely had daydreams of teams forced to throw 57 flares passes to the fullback and the Jets winning every game 12-3 en route to the Super Bowl. Alas, that won't happen, but Revis still shuts down half the field, allowing the rest of the defense to confuse and terrify QBs as Rex Ryan sees fit. Speaking of whom...

5. Rex Ryan: Greatest Coach Ever. The man, the myth, the legend. Rex Ryan is like a walking steakhouse. He's gotten this team to two straight AFC title games with Sanchez learning on the fly, and there's no reason to think he can't do it again. In fact, this is the team I picked to win the Super Bowl this year. And really, what BETTER omen could you want for your season that some uppity blogger picking your team because he doesn't want to pick New England? GREAT THINGS AWAIT YOU, JETS FANS.

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