Savings, Starbucks, Sleeping In

LATTE OR LATE-SLEEPING? Or both? That's the delightful conundrum presented by the Personality Hotels online special that's on now. The word on The Early Bird Gets the Buzz deal: Book before Sunday, Oct. 10, for a stay that'll happen between Nov. 1 of this year and Feb. 28 of next year, and get a three nice and somewhat unusual things. One highly coveted, in our opinion.

THOSE THREE GETS: One, you'll get 25-percent shaved off the "best available rate." Two, you'll get a Starbucks card worth ten smackers. And three, and this is the one we're making eyes about, you'll get a 2 p.m. check-out. Oh sweet biscuits! A 2 p.m. check-out. That means you can have a post-breakfast nap (this is your vacation, so do it) or you can head out into San Francisco for a little lookie-loo-ing, and then return to your room for one last stretch-out and shower. We do love a late check-out.

THE HOTELS: The Personality places involved in this deal include Hotel Diva, Kensington Park Hotel, and Hotel Union Square. All in San Francisco. We love San Francisco in January, don't you? Perfect tweed cape weather. You know where yours is, right?

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