Facebook User-Photos Star in New Series

Warner Bros. is launching a Facebook series that will feature Facebook users.

The new Web series, called "Aim High" and starring "Twilight" actor Jackson Rathbone as a teen spy, will also star Facebook users -- mainly in random photographs, posters and credits, according to Reuters.

For instance, as Nick performs his spy duties in his high school's hallway, he may pass a poster for a class president candidate and the picture on it is you. Or, the end credits might have photos of your friends when listing Nick's spy accomplices.

McG, the producer of the Web series (and "Supernatural," "Chuck" and "The O.C.") calls the social series a breakthrough in interactivity. "You're detached when you watch a show on FOX or NBC or when you go to the movies," he told Reuters.. "This experience is more intimate."

Warner Bros. is banking the series will do well with women 18-34, because of Rathbone's "Twilight" credits, but we think if that were the case, the company should have chosen a slightly older protagonist. The "Twilight" books and movie drew audiences because it was about forbidden love, not because it was about high school students. 

Still, will the reward of seeing their faces in a series make people watch it? And how many viewers mean a Web series is a success anyway?

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