Government Shutdown’s Unexpected Effects

While there were plenty of serious effects on Americans from the government shutdown, check out impacts that might surprise you.

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The federal government shutdown closed an agency that approves new breweries, recipes and labels, which could create huge delays throughout the rapidly growing craft industry and leave craft beer lovers with a serious hangover. While there were plenty of serious effects on Americans from the government shutdown, click through for impacts that might surprise you.
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Some noticed an increased number of calls from telemarketers. The government shutdown was to blame for that: the national "Do Not Call Registry" was not in service during the shutdown.
The historicnOhio Clockthat had been keeping time outside the Senate chamber since the 1800s, stopped ticking on Sept. 30 because the team of curators that wind the 11-foot tall clock had been furloughed. Its hands froze at 12:14.
Chris Cox of Mount Pleasant, S.C., took it upon himself to mow and clean up the grounds around the Lincoln Memorial while National Park Service workers were forced to stay home due to the shutdown.
Memorial closures weren't limited to sites on U.S. soil. Twenty American cemeteries located overseas, including the North African American Cemetery and memorial in Carthage, Tunisia, and the D-Day cemetery in Normandy, northern France, were forced to close because of the government shutdown.
Salem, the Massachusetts city known for the notorious witch trials of 1692 lined up volunteers and port-a-potties to replace services lost when the National Park Service closed its visitor center, the historic Custom House and a popular tall ship, because of the shutdown. More than 250,000 people flock to Salem in October for a month-long array of “Haunted Happenings,” and at least 75,000 more visit on Halloween night, according to The Boston Globe.
If there was an asteroid heading toward Earth, NASA wouldn't have been able to send a Twitter alert warning of the impending strike because most of its employees had been furloughed and NASA's Asteroid Watch Twitter account nwas turned off. However, many observatories and astronomers were still watching the skies during the shutdown, according to NASA.
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DC's "panda cam" went dark during the shutdown, but will come back now. The National Zoo, where the cam was set up, was also closed.
More than two dozen poison ivy-eating Nubian goats were moved from a national recreation area in Sandy Hook, N.J., due to the partial government shutdown. The herd was brought in from Rhinebeck, N.Y., to clear out a poison ivy infestation that has overtaken the historic Fort Hancock. Owner Larry Cihanek, who was getting $12,000 for the goats, told told the Asbury Park Press he removed the animals from Sandy Hook and from Fort Wadsworth in Staten island, N.Y., for their own protection.
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The National Park Service postponed indefinitely an annual sandcastle building competition to benefit arts in San Francisco schools, due to the shutdown. The contest between 24 public elementary schools would have marked the 30th annual event.
As federal workers grappled with the larger issues of a government shutdown -- missing paychecks, closed day care -- another problem emerged: In and around the District of Columbia,nmany of the playgrounds that their children played on were on federal land and closed.
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Hundreds of national parks from Washington State to Washington, D.C., were barricaded or closed during the government shutdown. A Connecticut couple and their four children were among those being kicked out of a campground in New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest in advance of the Columbus Day weekend. Sam Emert and his family said they paid paid $100 online at the camp's reservation website and received no notifications their reservation was jeopardized by the federal government shut-down.
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