Tuesday Watch List: Michael Jordan’s Baseball Days

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Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and try out your new noise-canceling headphones Say, these are great! Unless there’s an oncoming lawnmower aimed at your feet. Then, not so hot. LET’S GO!

30 FOR 30: JORDAN RIDES THE BUS – 8:00PM (ESPN) ESPN’s brilliant anniversary documentary series spends an hour tonight focused on Michael Jordan’s bizarre mid-career dalliance with playing minor league baseball, the worst decision he made until signing Kwame Brown yesterday. Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons and current Red Sox manager Terry Francona. No word on if the doc will cover the long-held suspicion that Jordan played minor league ball because he was secretly suspended from the NBA for gambling. That’s always been the juicy rumor, and I choose to believe virtually any juicy rumor that’s more interesting than the boring reality of Jordan having some lame mid-life crisis. ANTICIPATION: BAG IT, MICHAEL!

LOUIE – 11:00PM (FX) I thought last week’s bully episode of “Louie” was the best episode of the season and one of the best half hours of TV I’ve seen in a very long time. It was downright suspenseful. Comedies are NEVER suspenseful, but holy smokes that episode was. Louis CK is doing something really special with this show, and you should be watching it. ANTICIPATION: DARK!

JEFFERSON – 8:00PM (History Channel) It’s a two-hour profile of one of your founding fathers, complete with the inevitable juicy tidbits about his affair with Sally Hemmings. Oh, Thomas. You rascal! ANTICIPATION: AMERICAN!

IF GOD IS WILLING AND DA CREEK DON’T RISE – 9:00PM (HBO) Part two of Spike Lee’s updated Katrina documentary will take a look at the Gulf Coast after the hurricane and the subsequent damage done by the BP oil spill. The BP oil spill? We’re still worried about that? But the government told me the oil all dispersed. It’s like it never happened, right? Now excuse me while I go slather myself with this tub of safe, tree-friendly petroleum jelly. ANTICIPATION: ANGERING!

BEHIND THE MUSIC – 9:00PM (VH1) Former “American Idol” champ Fantasia Barrino was sexually assaulted by a high school classmate and pregnant by the age of 16. Despite all that, she managed to pull herself out of poverty and become a successful R&B singer. I hope you have tissues on you. ANTICIPATION: INSPIRING!

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