The Harvest Festival Will Be Back in Ventura This Autumn

It's a vivacious and venerable gathering of artisans, with plenty of autumnal charms to go around.

Harvest Festival

What to Know

  • Oct. 1-3, 2021
  • Ventura County Fairgrounds
  • $9 general admission; kids ages 12 and under admitted free; bring a non-perishable food item to donate to Project Understanding and receive $2 off

LEAFING SUMMER BEHIND: We're not saying anyone needs to turn a cold shoulder on the hottest season, but if you're just about ready to bask in the beautiful handicrafts that sweetly sprout up when fall arrives, well, you may just want to leave summer behind. Or do we mean "leaf" summer behind, since we are discussing autumn and its charms? Perhaps we do mean just that. And one of the loveliest spots to connect with the season of cinnamon scents, colorful leaves, and cozy 'n cute home goods is the Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show, the large-scale, on-the-road gifts-and-more extravaganza. It's an event that brims with one-of-a-kind finds, including handmade jewelry, quaint candles, fantastic photography, elegant woodworking, and plenty of seasonal snacks, too. And it will be back in a place that it has visited, time and again: Ventura.

THE VENTURA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS... will be the celebratory spot over the first three days of October 2021. "Over 24,000 handmade creations" will be available for purchase, and they do absolutely cover the gamut, if it is the gamut you seek. Visitors will spy everything from "... jewelry, ceramics, blown glass and woodcarvings, to holiday décor, clothing, eclectic keepsakes, specialty foods, accessories, furniture, ornaments and more." It's been a place for people to shop early for holiday gifts, or to find items to festoon their own fall-fabulous homes. Adding to the fest's character? It will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2022, further proof that it truly has become one of the main and merry players on the craft-centered circuit. It's a circuit that's beginning to rev up again, after a year off, and the Harvest Festival remains one of its central, cinnamon-scented, leaf-lovely stars. Info? Follow the fall fragrance to this site now.

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