Table Talk with the Gents Behind Hot Spot Miss Lily's

We caught up with the all-star nightlife and hospitality team of Serge Becker, Genc Jakupi, Binn Jakupi and Paul Salmon (owner of Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica)--proprietors of wildly popular Jamaican restaurant Miss Lily's in the Village. These gentleman are expert curators who always create a good time as the gatekeepers of some of New York's hottest and most exclusive nightlife spots (La Esquina, The Box, 1Oak). Now, they're bringing Caribbean flavor to the city with Miss Lily's, a downtown casual Jamaican-style diner (that everyone's favorite drummer and DJ Questlove frequents weekly!).

Tell us how the concept for Miss Lily's came to be. Was the genesis a conversation on the white sandy beaches of beautiful Jamaica?
The conversation started in New York, but it continued at beaches and in shacks in Jamaica.

How did you decide on the design and decor of Miss Lily's? Was there a certain time period or something specific you were aiming to evoke?
The design is inspired by the patty stores of Crown Heights Brooklyn and Jamaica Queens. It's pretty standard American fast food vernacular in not-so-standard island colors. The era is based on seventies design, which is also a high-culture mark for Jamaican music and style. Think "The Harder They Come "and "Rockers."

What is the most popular item on the menu thus far?
Jerk Chicken

How have your nightlife experience informed your vision and your operations as restauranteurs?
Nightlife is highly emotional and escapist. The formula transfers naturally to the dining experience--it's dinner as entertainment.

What are your personal favorite things to eat late night?
Blue Ribbon oysters
What are your favorite late-night pairings?
Ting a ling and cod fish fritters

Where are your current favorite nightlife places in New York City?
Deadly Dragon Reggae Thursdays, Westway, Madame Wong, Boom Boom

What's your favorite thing to eat between two buns?

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