Surfer Who Claimed He Was Attacked By Great White Shark Near Santa Cruz Alters Story


Beau Browning claims to be a survivor of a great white shark attack while he was surfing off of Manresa State Beach, according to reports. Or he says he was hit with a whale's tail -- he's not exactly sure.

Local news affiliate KSBW recently reported the tale from the account given by Browning, who says a shark shot him "probably 10, 15 feet" in the air after delivering him a direct blow while out surfing.

He says he was out on Saturday near dusk when a shark "rammed his surfboard," according to the report. After he was thrown from the board, the shark then "landed on his board and split it," he claimed.

The shark let go after allegedly biting the board and taking it deep underwater with Browning still tethered by his ankle leash.

Browning says his friend briefly listed the damaged board on Craigslist on Monday, offering it for $1,000 or for a trade. The post was eventually deleted.

Browning also alters his story a bit from Sunday to Monday, the TV station reported. At first, he claims that his friends saw the attack. Later, he says they were too far away to see the incident.

Also on Monday, he noted that he may have been "smacked by a whale's tail," according to the report.

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