Solvang Sweet: S’moresFest!

The Graham-cracker-y treat is a new addition to the village's Julefest.


YOU THINK... that, after time, you get a solid handle on a place. You think after a few years or decades or a lifetime of knowing a favorite village or town that you can easily name the spot's best-known cuisines and historical figures and important dates. You are, in short, a bit of a know-it-all, but that's a good thing, at least when it comes to the cities we're sweetest on.

AND THEN... something changes up. For example, take Solvang. If you learned that the Danish village, which Time magazine deemed one of the most Christmassy places in America a few years back, planned to build a whole afternoon of its beloved Julefest celebrations around a single treat, you'd guess, with some confidence, that the treat would be the aebleskiver, the pastry most associated with the windmill-bedecked town. Right? Well, not quite. Because Solvang is throwing a tasty to-do, during Julefest, on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 14, but...

IT'S S'MORES: Yep, as the name "S'moresFest" would suggest. We'd wryly ask "how'd ya like them apples?" but, of course, s'mores and apples don't have much in common. Rather, Graham crackers, melty chocolate, and sticky marshmallows shall rule the afternoon gathering. You'll roast your own luscious squares in Solvang Park, and there shall be music, and there shall be holiday spirit. Tickets? Ten bucks ahead of the day, fifteen there.

OKAY... we understand now, Solvang. You're just good at all desserts. We know that. Actually, we knew that before, but, seeing as how easily you can switch between traditional bun-type eats to campfire treats, we must bow before your sugary prowess. You win all the dessert categories, ever.

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