Shia LaBeouf's Latest Art Project: Hitchhiking the US

Track LaBeouf and his friends via his Twitter or the #TakeMeAnywhere website

The latest phase of actor Shia LeBeouf's career has been as a prolific performance artist. He watched all of his movies back-to-back for three days, gave a famous motivational speech in front of a green screen, jumped rope in "Meditation for Narcissists" and wore a paper bag over his head.

In his latest move, the star is joining forces with Vice and hitchhiking around the United States in the name of art. Audience engagement is usually part of the deal, and this time LaBeouf is giving you an opportunity to meet up with him and his collaborators, Rönkkö & Turner, over the next 30 days.

You can find the trio using the GPS coordinates LaBeouf tweets or the #TakeMeAnywhere website. If you do happen to run into them, you'll be able to give them a ride to the place of their choosing. In other words, plug in those coordinates and make it there before anyone else can swoop them up. The #TakeMeAnywhere site also tracks the trio in real time.  

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The project is being commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art as part of The Finnish Institute in London and MediaLive 2016. In addition to Vice, the work is also backed by Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

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