Sheriff Wins Suspect’s Endorsement After Drug Bust

Sheriff busts 65-year-old for allegedly growing pot in home and earns his support for re-election

Getty Images / Scott Olson

A 65-year-old Okla. man impressed by the kindness of the Sheriff who arrested him has pledged his support in the law enforcement official's upcoming re-election campaign, 5News reports.

Latimer County Sheriff Robbie Brooks said he was campaigning door-to-door Wednesday and smelled   marijuana coming from inside a home.

As Jerry Paulk opened the door, Brooks, rather than extend his hand and begin to discuss his campaign, removed the suspect and two women, 19 and 26, while deputies got a warrant to search the home.

Marijuana-growing equipment was later found inside the house, Sheriff Brooks told 5News. The two women were allegedly found with illegal prescriptions.

Paulk was anything but a master criminal, according to Brooks. The 65-year-old allegedly left his joint on a nearby shelf after he opened the door to greet the Sheriff.

All three are being held at Latimer County Jail.

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