See Big Sur's California Condors Via Webcam

Live-feedings can be seen via a live video feed

Who cares about soaring with the condors when you can cam with the condors?

California condors, an endangered species, are now flying around California computers via live streaming video from Big Sur, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The solar-powered "condor-cam" was turned on Monday, and allows viewers to see the "huge, vulture-like birds feeding, grooming and flying" in real-time, the newspaper reported.

The birds seem to have taken a liking to it: about "25 condors" were in front of the camera during testing over the weekend, according to the Ventana Wildlife Society, which operates the camera.

The setup -- in an area with no electricty and no Internet service -- cost about $15,000. That bill, covered by FedEx and the Oakland Zoo, set up a T1 Internet connection at a home 12 miles away, which is fed to the camera using antennas.

The birds are feasting upon "stillborn calves" set out for the condors to peck at by biologists, the newspaper reported.

That kind of display earned the video feed the following disclaimer: "Viewer discretion advised. May contain graphic feeding images."

See for yourself here.

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