Rumor: Google Working on Maps App for iOS

Google is developing a maps application for the iOS to debut by the end of the year, according to a report.

Several unnamed sources have confirmed that the search titan is working on a Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad users, according to the New York Times. As we wrote earlier, Apple Maps has been lambasted for gross inaccuracies and mislabeled landmarks, which would make a Google attempt at an iOS app extraordinarily well-timed.

On Tuesday, Google chairman Eric Schmidt told reporters in Tokyo that Google wasn't actively working on an iOS app, according to the Wall Street Journal. But Schmidt did say that Apple should have kept using Google Maps.

However, despite Schmidt's public statements, the Times said that unnamed sources said Google was developing one anyway. The unnamed sources also said that Google was waiting on the iOS release until it had 3-D graphics to directly compete with Apple Maps.

It's not surprising Google is working on a Google Maps app for iOS 6 -- someone has to have a good maps app on the new iPhone 5.

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