Rubio Rising as a Goldilocks Candidate in Iowa

GOP 2016 Debate

For Jay Schnider, Donald Trump is "too brash," while Dr. Ben Carson is "too timid." Maybe Sen. Ted Cruz? "He makes me a little nervous," the gas and oil worker who lives in Council Bluffs said, NBC News reported.

Enter the goldilocks candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio.

In the wake of a strong debate performance by the Florida senator and as other candidates falter, Rubio is gaining steam as many Iowans say he feels just right - the "Goldilocks" candidate who is not too hot, not too cold.

In the final Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll before the Iowa caucuses, Rubio gained 3 points, moving into a comfortable lead above Carson, while Trump overtook Cruz, who dropped down slightly, though his likeability and respectability rating was strong.

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