Prolific Papa Packed Off to Prison

Tennessee man has 21 kids with 14 women

A Tennessee man who has 21 kids with about a dozen women may finally stop procreating -- he's headed to jail on a probation violation.

Desmond Hatchett, 29, a minimum wage worker in Knoxville, claims to know every kid's name and birthdate, and said of his prolific progeny production: "It just happened."

Now he is headed to prison for violating terms of a probation sentence handed down following a 2008 felony conviction for aggravated assault and armed robbery charges. Police say he pistol-whipped, shot, and robbed a man. He pleaded guilty last year to assault, did six months and was put on probation until March 2014, according to The Smoking Gun.

 Last month, authorities yanked his probation after he was charged with twice driving with a suspended license, violating his curfew on nine occasions and failing to pay court-ordered probation fees. He has a hearing next month on the revocation.

Hatchett, who has a 14-page rap sheet, was arrested last November on a domestic violence charge but his alleged victim refused to cooperate with authorities.

Hatchett's oldest child is 11 and he is the father of two newborn babies.

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