Nic Cage Comic Heist Hitting Big Screen, Probably Without Nic Cage

For a few years now, Nic Cage has been making bad movies faster than you can watch them. And now that he finds himself at the center of a genuinely interesting movie, he's likely not to be in it.

Cage, a Superman fan of such passion that he named his won son Kal-El, Superman's birth name, was once the proud owner of the highest-quality existing copy of Action Comics #1, which featured the first appearance of Superman.

He spent $150,000 on the comic in 1997, only to have it stolen from his home in 2000. Cage eventually collected the insurance in the pilfered prize, but in December of last year, the comic resurfaced. Miraculously, it was recovered when an unidentified man found it among the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Southern California. It was subsequently sold for a record price of $2.1 million.

Now the story of this comic is being turned into a feature film, with a script by "Reno 911!" creators Robert Ben Grant and Thomas Lennon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Their story revolves around a gang nerds who conspire to rob the actor.

Grant and Lennon wrote the part of Cage with Cage in mind, but for reasons that remain unclear, it appears that he won't be involved in the project. He's probably too busy filming "Ghost Rider 3: Drive Angrier Than a National Treasure."

So who do you get to play Cage? Maybe this guy:

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