Facelift in a Bottle? Researchers Say ‘Second Skin’ Tightens Baggy Eyes

The cream, which acts as "second skin," is applied in two parts

Olivo Labs, LLC

Dry legs? Saggy eyes? Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they have developed a two-step formula that tightens baggy eyes and can keep dry legs from flaking. 

The cream's affects are described in a scientific report in the journal Nature Materials. The formula is being patented and produced at almost the same time.

The cream, which acts as "second skin," is applied in two parts. An initial primer layer is put on and rubbed in, then a secondary layer is applied on top. A process called "cross linking" occurs, creating the new compound that is virtually invisible to the eye.

Not everyone is convinced, though. "Conceptually, it's a great and novel idea," said Dr. Jennifer Lucas of the Cleveland Clinic. But, she said, "for now, there is no magical cream that can make you look younger."

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