Military Dogs in Search of New Homes After Returning From War

While many veterans have returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan to open arms, one group of four-legged service members is still in search of a warm welcome.

Roughly a year and a half after returning from war, one K-9 unit made up of 12 dogs is looking for new homes, according NBC affiliate WWBT.

“They've been abandoned,” Mount Hope Kennels owner Greg Meredith told WWBT. “This is not the life that they deserve, nor is it how this country should take care of its soldiers.”

Immediately after returning to the United States, the bomb-sniffing dogs were placed at Mount Hope Kennels to receive rehab for dealing with issues such as PTSD. However, the short visit stretched on as red tape persisted.

“It's the least that we can do to take care of them, because they've taken very good care of us, to protect our freedoms,” Meredith said, adding that the shelter has spent around $150,000 taking care of the dogs.

But now, the war heroes have renewed hope: Mission K9 Rescue and U.S. War Dogs will arrive to the shelter Monday and try to reconnect the dogs with their original owners. If the handlers cannot be found, the animals will be searching for families to adopt them and give them forever homes.

To apply to adopt any of the dogs, you must send in a notarized application from the Mission K9 website.  

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