Members of Gray-Haired Gang Found Guilty for Britain’s Biggest Burglary

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The last three members of a British criminal crew with a combined age of around 500 were found guilty Thursday for a $20 million heist committed last Easter — the biggest in the country’s history, NBC News reported.

William Lincoln, 60, and Carl Wood, 58, were convicted of burglary. Hugh Doyle, 48, was convicted of fencing stolen goods from the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Robbery. The oldest of the crooks, Brian Reader, 76, already pleaded guilty. He reportedly used his senior citizen's pass to pay for the bus ride to the job in London’s diamond district.

Police said they recovered “just over £3.7 million ($5.3 million) worth of gold and jewelry.”

All seven men will be sentenced in March. Police are still looking for an eighth alleged robber, a red-haired man identified as “Basil.” 

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