Watch Khloe & Lamar Exchange Vows

The big day is finally here.

Just in case you weren't invited to the wedding of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, you could catch it on E! on Sunday. Earlier, the three Kardashian sisters all took to their blogs and Twitter pages in an effort to drum up hype about the much-anticipated reality TV event.

"AHHHHH my wedding special airs at 8pm tonight on E! Who's watching?!?!?!?" Khloe tweeted on Sunday (emphasis clearly not ours).

Sister Kourtney Kardashian tweeted an hour after Khloe.

"Yay! Tonights [sic] the big night...the keeping up with the kardashians wedding special! Its [sic] on at 8pm! I'm sooo excited to watch!" she posted on her Twitter page.

Kim added, "I am so excited 4 Keeping Up W The Kardashian's wedding special tonight on E! at 8pm U guys will see how Khloe & Lamar fell in love!"

Khloe and her NBA star hubby exchanged vows on Sept. 27 at the Beverly Hills home of family friend Irving Azoff and boasted a star-studded guest list that included the whole Kardashian clan, Kobe Bryant, Chelsea Handler, and Ryan Seacrest (who produces the Kardashians' reality show for E!) among others.

Both Odom and Khloe, who wed a month after first meeting, have refuted speculation that their wedding was a publicity stunt amid rumors that the stars had yet to make it official with the singing of prenuptial agreements.

"Anybody that was there will tell you it was a beautiful event and it was real," Odom told reporters shortly after the wedding.

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