“Idol” Adam Lambert Plays With Bras Onstage

Says using underwear as props on stage lets him "connect" with fans

One thing that's not in short supply during rock singer Adam Lambert's performances on the "American Idols Live" Tour -- underwear.

The openly gay American Idol contestant dished in an interview with Details magazine that he's bombarbed with intimate items from both men and women while performing onstage.

Fans' offerings include everything from lacy bras to a jock strap that boasted "JOCKS LOVE ADAM" in sequins, according to Details

But Lambert doesn't just store the underpinnings for a later laugh -- he uses them as props onstage.  "A lot of times I'll pick up a bra and play with it during a song.  It's a way to connect.  It's like, 'I threw my bra up onstage and you're spinning it around.  Cool.  Yay."   

The rocker said is particularly pleased with the female attention, given his sexuality. 

"I think it's weird that I'm having this effect on women.  It's flattering...  I think it's beautiful.  That's the way it should be.  It shouldn't matter what a person's sexual preference is.  It doesn't change their appeal."

Lambert was one of the favorites to win last season's "American Idol," but came in second to eventual winner Kris Allen.

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