Now Showing: “Ice Age: Continental Drift”, “Easy Money”, “Red Lights” and More

Cartoons, crime, charlatans and Obama are all here for your viewing pleasure

Ice Age: Continental Drift
Manny, Diego, and Sid find their home set adrift--no doubt because of "global warming"--forcing them to confront sea creatures and pirates.

Easy Money
Joel Kinnaman stars in this Swedish crime drama as a man living a double life as a low-level criminal dating a wealthy woman from a high-society family.

Red Lights
Robert De Niro stars as the world's most famous psychic, who is being investigated by two scientists, played by Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy, who make their living debunking the paranormal. From writer-director Rodrigo Cortes ("Buried").

Ballplayer: Pelotero
A documentary that follows two young prospects as they attempt to follow their dreams of signing huge contracts with major league baseball teams, and the pitfalls for both buyers and sellers in this murky marketplace.

A nurse, a paramedic, a gymnast and her coach begin hiring themselves out as stand-ins for the recently deceased to comfort those still grieving. From "Dogtooth" director Yorgos Lanthimos.

The Imposter
A documentary that looks at the a boy who disappeared in 1994 from his hometown in Texas and seemingly resurfaces three years later in Spain--but when he gets home his family begins to suspect something is wildly, insanely amiss.

Freida Pinto stars in director Michael Winterbottom's India-set adaptation of "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," in which the love between a poor woman and a wealthy man run into issues of class and family.

Three Stars
Documentarian Lutz Hachmeister takes you inside the high-pressure world of fine dining, where the quest for a good review pushes even the greatest chefs to the brink. Features Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Sven Elverfeld, Yannick Alléno and more.

Union Square
Mira Sorvino stars as a woman on the verge of a breakdown who drops in unannounced on her estranged sister (Tammy Blanchard), who is about to be married, and asks to stay for a few days with her mountain of new clothes and her small dog.

Family Portrait
A documentary about a woman raising 17 foster children with a Stalin-esque level of discipline and rigidity, who finds some of the kids in revolt as they reach their teens.

2016 Obama's America
Based on conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza's book of the same title, the film looks at what the president's re-election would mean for the country.

The Obama Effect
Charles Dutton stars as a man who finds a new purpose in campaigning to ensure Barack Obama's election.

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