Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Waters Reopen After Shark Scare

The waters were closed off after a surfer was bumped by a shark Friday morning.

Huntington Beach's waters reopened for beachgoers Saturday morning after an "aggressive"  shark bumped a surfer on Friday, prompting lifeguards to close off the water.

The ocean from was closed for a 24-hour period from Beach Boulevard to the pier, although the sandy portion beach remained open.

Marine Safety Lt. Claude Panis said the closure was just a precautionary measure, but visitors should always be aware of their surrounding when going into the ocean.

"Anytime you enter the area, you're entering a wilderness area and you may see an animal," Panis said. "If you see the wildlife give it respect, give it distance, you got to take that into account."

The surfer was bumped around 8:45 a.m. on Friday at Beach Boulevard, a mile south of the pier. Officials said because the shark bumped into the surfer, it met their criteria for "aggressive behavior"

The surfer paddled to shore and told lifeguards, describing the shark as 5-to-8 feet in length.

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