How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Using the local library's resources is one of the best ways to keep your brain active during summer vacation

With just under a month until school gets underway, the Hub Today’s Maria Sansone shared some tips to help kids keep their brains active during the summer months.

In the two month stretch when school is not in session, kids can experience “brain drain” and forget what they have learned in the classroom.

“Brain drain happens when kids are out of school and not in a structured learning environment,” said Sansone. 

An affordable option to prevent brain drain is to visit the local library, which offers more than just books. Free resources such as games and educational programs can also be borrowed. Plus, the library’s air-conditioning provides a much-needed break from the summer heat.

Parents also play a large role, and should foster their child’s independence by allowing their children to do more age-appropriate activities on their own, according to Sansone. These activities could include letting a 3-year-old run down the hill alone, an 8-year-old ride a bike down the street, or a 15-year-old get a summer job. 

“Coming through the [library] doors is the first step,” Sansone said.

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