Hatchimal Didn't Hatch? Class Action Filed Against Maker

The lawsuit alleges that millions of families were disappointed by the toy

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Spin Master, the company that produces Hatchimals, the toy eggs that electronically hatch, NBC News reported.

This past Christmas, several families complained that their Hatchimals never hatched. Now, a mother in California has filed the lawsuit, alleging the toy she bought for her daughter never hatched.

"When we purchase an iPhone, we expect it to make a phone call. When we purchase a yo-yo, we expect it to come back up," the lawsuit alleged. "Unfortunately, this Christmas season, millions of children and families across the globe were sourly disappointed with coal in their stockings, in the form of a bait-and-switch marketing scheme."

Spin Master general counsel Christopher Harrs, in a statement to CNBC, said the company provided troubleshooting support, and made available replacement products for "those few consumers whose toys did not work as they anticipated."

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