Google in Talks With NFL

Google is in talks with the National Football League about gaining the $1 billion rights to its Sunday Ticket Package, according to reports.
Google chief Larry Page and YouTube head of content Robert Kyncl met with a group of NFL executives to discuss its Sunday Ticket package now owned by DirecTV, according to AllThingsD. Citing unnamed sources, it seems as if Google is trying to bid on the deal which ends in 2014.
However, does Google want the subscription service for Google TV or another product? 
That could happen if Google buys the rights to the NFL’s Sunday Ticket package, the all-you-can-eat subscription-TV service currently owned by DirecTV. The report also suggested that the NFL delegation is probably meeting with other Silicon Valley companies on the trip, but few have the billions on hand to pay for the rights like Google does.
Adding NFL content would greatly help its Google TV offerings, or even subscriptions to YouTube channels, if Google decides it wants to invest in sports. However, $1 billion is a significant amount of cash, so Google would have to have the infrastructure to capitalize on it. 
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