Good Riding Near Big Sur

HIGHWAY 1: The March 16 collapse of a portion Highway 1 near Limekiln State Park has not only been trying for motorists wanting to travel to or from Big Sur, but for organizers of the famous Big Sur International Marathon as well (no surprise that the May 1 route will have an altered course). But the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau has an update on the road, and it is a positive one; the organization says on its Facebook page that "Big Sur is once again fully accessible from the south!" 

SPECIAL NOTE: The Bureau also includes a message for cyclists. "We hear the bike ride down to Big Sur on Highway One is great right now -- almost no traffic!" Intriguing. If you're looking to do that stretch sans its normal traffic flow, this could be the time to do it. There are details listed, and specific times of the day that pedestrians and cyclists will be allowed. Get more info on riding or walking that beautiful stretch before vehicular traffic returns.

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