Southern California

Beaten Golden Retriever Rescued and on His Way to Full Recovery

A golden retriever severely beaten was found and rescued in Inglewood is on his way to full recovery after a medical procedure.

Barbara Gale of Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue started a GoFundMe page for the dog she says they have named Gideon. Gale said a good Samaritan found the dog underneath a car after it was hit by another vehicle.

Gale said the dog had no tags, multiple stab wounds, burns and infestation. The organization took the dog to a vet, who said he had clearly been abused and hit multiple times.

"I am in tears knowing the horror this dog has endured during this life," Gale wrote on the GoFundMe page. "He stood with little emotion, trembling, no doubt waiting for the next blow. We will heal his spirit and his heart in time."

The dog was then taken to local veterinarian Dr. Alan Schulman, who has been a vet surgeon in the LA area since 1983.

"We stabilized him for shock…got him on some pain medications and antibiotics and tended to his wounds," Shulman said. "We’re just waiting for him to be a little bit stronger before we go ahead and definitely approach the site surgically."

Schulman said the dog exhibited a surprising amount of trust toward him, given the amount of trauma he has gone through.

"He’ll be fully recovered, he’ll be good to go and he’ll make somebody an absolutely amazing pet, Schulman said.

The GoFundMe page had set a goal of $5,000, but it has surpassed that goal and rose to more than $7,000 in just two days.

Once Gideon has healed and is in foster care, he will be placed for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting the golden pooch can visit the rescue site and fill out an application.

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