Glam Slam: Surviving The Day After

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Had a little too much fun last night/this morning? Everyone seems to have their own ideas of how to recover after a VERY festive New Years!

“Drink lots of water.Yeah. Take a hot shower,” suggests Whitney Port, while Lauren Bosworth reveals her hangover remedy is “A banana, you know, like on “Grey’s Anatomy,” they call it a “banana bag,” it’s because it’s full of potassium, so if you eat a banana when you’re hungover, it’s like the quick cure.”

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Quick fixes might work on “The Hills,” but we thought we would go for um, a more “expert” opinion to help us get through New Years Day. To the rescue- Penny Geller, Director of Nutrition for Nu-Kitchen, a health meal delivery company that Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Molly Sims have used.

“Unfortunately, most of the foods and drinks consumed on “New Years” are high in fat, high in calories, and high in alcohol.” Penny advises you “detox your system with foods and drinks with high water content. On top of that, make sure you continue to drink non-caloric, non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day. Here is an eating plan that will help you get yourself back on track for the start of the New Year.”

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BREAKFAST: A bowl of oatmeal with fresh berries and a tall glass of milk. This will give you some substance to start your day along with helping you to flush out the toxins from the night before and also start the rehydrating process.

MID-MORNING SNACK: Fruit with some lowfat plain Greek yogurt. This will help supply the body with some much needed protein and antioxidants from the fruit.

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LUNCH: A bowl of vegetable based soup with a small salad loaded with colorful veggies and fat free dressing. The soup and salad both have a high water content and fiber to make you feel full and hydrated, but you won’t be ingesting too many calories.

AFTERNOON SNACK: Apple with a couple tablespoons of peanut butter. Again the water content from the fruit and the fiber will fill you up along with some good proteins and fats to supply essential nutrients to your tired and beat up body from the night before.

DINNER: Another bowl of vegetable based soup with a lean protein meal. It has been shown that people who eat soup before their meal will eat fewer calories than those who don’t. A 4-5 oz piece of grilled fish or chicken with a side of steamed veggies and 1/2 cup of whole grains will end your day with a balanced meal that will continue to hydrate you as well as make sure you replenish any nutrients that were neglected during the midnight celebration.

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