Free Tree Fest: Stand for the Redwoods

Join the free and family-cool celebration in Humboldt County.

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MODERN LIFE? To call it "frenetic" and "overwhelming" is, for many people, to understate how they feel while weathering the day-to-day must-dos. We zip here, we run there, and we forget the thing we were supposed to get when we were first zipping, so we zip again. But helping our peace of mind is the knowledge that, in this very state, there are living wonders that do not keep errand lists, or work schedules, or a roster of texts or calls they have to return.

THE REDWOODS... just continue to grow, as they've done for centuries, and that serves as a still-the-swirl inspiration for so many Californians. For not only do they possess beauty, and so much eco importance, but these magnificent trees stay out of the all-too-often chaos of our contemporary must-dos while still growing and thriving. If you love these symbols of epic quiet-a-tude and giant gentleness, you can help them, and have a good time with the family, on the first Sunday in October 2018. That is, if you make for the...

STAND FOR THE REDWOODS FESTIVAL: The nature-loving lark will take place in a place that's synonymous with spectacular redwoodian gorgeousness, Humboldt County, on Sunday, Oct. 7. The price for all at the Orick-based bash? So, so free. The line-up of performers? Monophonics, Marty O'Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra, and Saritah will be on the stage, lending love and spirit to the day. The reason for the come-together festivity? Well, redwoods, of course, but there are two anniversaries that'll be at the happy forefront of the day: The centennial of the...

SAVE THE REDWOODS LEAGUE: as well as the 50th anniversary of Redwood National Park. But the Humboldt County gathering isn't the only redwood-honoring hullabaloo on the October calendar; there's a party at Yerba Buena Gardens on Oct. 14, so make sure you're in San Francisco to further show your allegiance to these inspirational, branch-rocking, sky-reaching tree beings. Other...

CENTENNIAL-THEMED GOINGS-ON... are afoot, so check out what's coming up if you love redwoods. (And surely, 100%, you do.)

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