Former Guantanamo Bay Inmate Urges Obama to Shut Facility Down

Getty Images

A former U.S. Army translator held in Guantanamo Bay for almost 14 years without charge alleged that he was beaten, doused and hog-tied, NBC News reported.

"Guantanamo is built on how to destroy a human being totally, how to damage him mentally, physically, spiritually ... it's a program that's been designed by psychologists," Shaker Aamer said in an interview with NBC News' U.K. partner, ITV News.

Aamer said he was forced to lay face-down over the hole he was given as a toilet and that guards played rock music as prayer time approached.

Aamer urged President Obama to close Gitmo. Obama has pledged to close shut it down, but has been thwarted by Congressional concerns over national security. The White House insists it will be closed before Obama leaves office in early 2017.

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