Long Beach

Flooding leaves partially submerged cars stranded on Long Beach street

A flash flood warning was issued for Long Beach and nearby communities in southern LA County.

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Flooding due to hours of steady overnight rainfall four left cars submerged Thursday morning on a street in Long Beach.

The cars were in water up to their rooflines on Willow Street near State Route 103. The Long Beach Police Department asked drivers to stay away from the location, where firefighters said 1.7 inches of rain fell in just six hours.

Both sides of Willow Street were closed due to flooding.

One driver said he was stranded in the water and could not open his door. Firefighters responded to pull him out of the car.

No injuries were reported.

Tow trucks were at the scene, but operators had to wait for the water to recede before they could reach the cars. Crews were using a pump to draw down the water.

Early Thursday afternoon, three cars remained in the water.

More flooding was reported near the 710 Freeway and Pacific Coast Highway. Both side of PCH from Seapoint Street to Warner Avenue were closed.

A flash flood warning was in effect until 11:15 a.m. for the area and other parts of southern Los Angeles County.

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