Fab Fungus Festivity Sprouts in Santa Cruz

Throw some olive oil and garlic in the pan; this tasty to-do is devoted to our mushroom love.

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MUCH HAR-HAR... is made over snatching a few extra slices of pepperoni from an adjacent pizza slice, all to further dress the slice that is sitting on your plate. Topping math is complicated math, as any pizza person knows, but why pepperoni slices, and, to a lesser extent, pineapple chunks, should always receive the spotlight in this particular regard remains a bit of a mystery. After all, there are...

MULTITUDES OF MUSHROOM MAVENS... out there, the sort of pizza-munching portobello lovers who would happily slide a few shroomy nuggets onto their own cheesy piece. Are you a fungi fan? Would you, without guilt or guile, nab a few extra mushroom bits for your own pizza slice? Then you, dear mushroomist, should find your way to one of the most informative fungus-focused festivals around. It's the...

FUNGUS FAIR, a three-day gathering that sprouts at Santa Cruz's Louden Nelson Community Center each January, delivering all sorts of info-filled events to people who want to know more about mycology. And while you'll be able to "... taste unusual and exceptionally good fungal fare" during the event, think of the Fungus Fair as an information-packed salon, one that will intriguingly cover all sorts of mushroom-related topics. Look also for...

"COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS, a special Kids' Room, and a taxonomy panel for identification of fungi" during the loamy lark. Also? A cool-to-see sight will be a "re-created woodland forest displaying hundreds of wild mushrooms," but count on a feast for the eyes (and mind and palate) throughout the Jan. 11-13, 2019 happening. Admission prices, details, and the full forest floor of fantastical must-knows? Sprouting on this site, right now, oh yeah.

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