Alicia Victoria Lozano

Cameras Catch Elderly Woman Shoplifting in Chestnut Hill, Police Say

An elderly woman was captured on surveillance video shoplifting hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a Philadelphia flower store, including "books, trees, and little gifts," police said.

Employees at Robertson's Flowers in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood said they were shocked by surveillance videos showing a white-haired woman casually strolling into the store and plucking small items from the shop floor. She has allegedly shoplifted $500 worth of goods.

“It was just shocking when you see her doing it in the video. And it so right there in front of you, she’s just shoveling things inside her bag,” Sarah MacEachern, an employee at the shop on Germantown Avenue, said.

The first incident took place in February. The woman returned last week and allegedly took more "gift items" without paying, stopping to chat with store clerks on her way out, employees said.

She was “completely oblivious that there is a camera right above her and all around the store,” MacEachern said. “Both incidents were on a Tuesday afternoon, so we’re not sure if there’s any connection there.”

Police say they are investigating.

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