‘Well Isn't That Special': Dana Carvey's Church Lady Returns to ‘SNL'

Weekend Update pondered how Trump managed to snag the Republican nomination

Well isn't that special?

"Saturday Night Live" alum Dana Carvey returned to Studio 8H and revived one of his most beloved characters: the morally superior Church Lady.

In this week's cold open, Carvey's Church Lady mocked Met Ball attendees and caught up with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Republican front-runner Donald Trump on "Church Chat."

"It's interesting times in America, right? And now we've landed on the exciting presidential match-up between a godless liberal Democrat, and Hillary Clinton," Carvey quipped.

But before disparaging the 2016 presidential race, the Church Lady talked Met Gala fashion, highlighting Madonna's exposed rear end and Beyoncé's "giant latex condom" dress.

Carvey then turned to politics, interviewing "Satan" —  a variation of former Speaker of the House John Boehner's nickname for Cruz: Lucifer in the flesh.

When Cruz, played by cast member Taran Killam, called his exit from the race "all in God's plan," the Church Lady responded, “Was it God’s plan to be humiliated by an orange mannequin? That's sort of an odd plan for God to have for you."

Cruz then resigned his righteous piety "to hell," since so many people have suggested he do so anyway.

However, the highlight of the Church Lady's comeback was an interview with "the tangerine tornado," Darrell Hammond's Donald Trump, who brought along his wife Melania (Cecily Strong), his daughter Ivanka (Vanessa Bayer) and "just a model" (Kate McKinnon).

The Church Lady pressed Hammond's Trump on the GOP nominee's church-going habits and asked whether he "takes a gander at the scripture."

"They're all terrific. 'Corinthians Part Deux,' 'Book of Revelations,' '2 Genesis, 2 Furious,' which says, and I quote, 'Love thy neighbor as thy self, and like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there,' Trump said.

Brie Larson hosted "SNL" for the first time, kicking off the show with a Mother's Day-themed monologue, which included her own mother who she thanked for all her support. [[378564716, C]]

In one sketch, fur-clad citizens of Westeros resurrected Jon Snow from "Game of Thrones," but not fast enough for the Oscar-winning actress, who was left pleading, "Bring him back to life, already!" as she stood over his lifeless body.

When Snow, played by Pete Davidson, was eventually revived, he explained, "I miss my family. Take me to Bran. I want to see what Bran’s up to.”  [[378550936, C]]

The Republicans weren't the only ones roasted on the show. "SNL" continued to take aim at Hillary Clinton's eagerness to appeal to younger voters with a fake commercial for President Barbie, who comes complete with sunglasses and "a smart phone with Snapchat."

The voice-over desperately attempts to convince two young girls to play with "this particular Barbie." They dismiss the doll because it "feels like she's trying to hard."

“She is trying too hard,” insists the voice-over. “Because there used to be a time when Barbie couldn’t even be president.” [[378561886, C]]

After nearly a year into Trump’s presidential campaign, Weekend Update pondered how Trump managed to snag the Republican nomination.

“No matter how many times I say that, it still sounds less like a headline and more like the ominous beginning of a Star Wars movie,” co-anchor Colin Jost said.

Co-anchor Michael Che and Jost also scrutinized Trump’s infamous “Taco Bowl" photo, pointing out the pile of blueprints leaning against a wall, two Trump bobble heads and a stack of newspapers under his Cinco de Mayo lunch.

"Dude, clean your office. Look at you, you are eating off a stack of newspaper like the world's richest hamster," Jost noted.

In a recap of weird news of the week, Jost mentioned the Philadelphia arrest of a resident who goes by the name Jesus and walks around with a cross. 

"He was arrested for tresspassing. The man pleaded not guilty for tresspassing, and also forgave those who tresspassed against him," Jost said.

Musical guest Alicia Keys performed her newly released single "In Common," and premiered her soulful, gospel-influenced "Hallelujah." Both singles are expected to be featured on the Grammy-winning artist's sixth studio LP. The album's title and release date have not yet been revealed.[[378550916, C]]

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