To the Rescue! Crews Free Hawk Ensnared in East Bay Tree

Alameda County Fire Department

A Cooper's hawk believed to be entangled in fishing or kite wire was rescued Saturday after getting stuck in a tree in the East Bay, according to fire officials.

The hawk became stuck about 50 feet off the ground in a tree at Cherryland Park near Hayward, according to the Alameda County Fire Department.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company personnel were called to help in the rescue due to the height at which the bird was stuck and because of gusty winds in the area, according to the fire department.

Alameda County Fire Department

The PG&E crew helped hoist a Department of Fish and Wildfire member into the air toward the hawk's location. The wildlife official managed to free the bird from the wiring and capture it, according to the fire department.

No one was hurt during the resuce, the fire department stated.

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