City Attorney Cracks Down on Property Tied to White Supremacist Group

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer on Monday announced a crackdown against several property owners and sites of criminal activity that are near schools and involve a white supremacist gang.

Feuer is using the city's nuisance abatement law to clean up the criminal activity and try to force homeowners who rent to those causing it, to clean up the property.

Feuer said his office has been working with the Los Angeles Police Department over the last year to arrest white supremacist gang members and then to sue the owners of the properties where they live.

Photographs from inside one home in Canoga Park he shared pointed to criminal activity of illegal gun sales, drugs, stolen property and identity theft.

His office is also going after the homeowners of three properties, one in Granada Hills, two in Canoga Park.
He says the city will force the homeowners to make changes that go beyond just making the property look nice.

"And those changes involve assuring individuals who are a threat to the neighborhoods are not allowed to be on that property and assuring other strategies that have been employed at other properties like these not be permitted there," Feuer said in a news conference.

One property owner has already made good with the city and avoided a lawsuit. That house is up for sale and the tenants evicted. The other two remain in legal limbo while the city fights to do the same.

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