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Capturing Attention

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Part of he Internet economy is going viral, or gaining attention among users or viewers, but the key to longevity is when those users or viewers become subscribers or fans. A new book, called Capitivology,looks into the phenomenon.

"I didn't want to write a marketing book or PR book," author Ben Parr told Press:Here. "I interviewed Ph.Ds and scientists... about how we pay attention to people and products."

Parr, a former editor for online tech site Mashable, said he broke down the way we pay attention to seven key aspects. A few are obvious, such as automacity, which is immediate, automatic attention to a loud noise, but he also write about what leads to long-term attention -- acknowledgment and empathy from companies.

He said his work at Mashable helped him with the book since the site began teaching aspects of social media as it emerged. 

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