Carson Calls for GOP Candidate Meeting, Says Party Must Unify

"We must reach an agreement ... that we will not succumb to the media's desire for a fight"

Ben Carson wants to end the rancor in the Republican race for the presidential nomination, asking his fellow candidates to meet and unify before the party's next debate on Thursday.

His call for civility came before polls closed on Super Tuesday; with 595 delegates up for grabs, it could be pivotal in the race for the nomination. Carson sits at the back of the five-person pack with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, while front-runner Donald Trump seeks to consolidate his lead.

"It is imperative the Republican Party exhibit unity by the candidates coming together with a pledge to talk about the many serious problems facing our country, instead of personally attacking each other," Carson said in a statement Tuesday.

Recent debates, especially last week's in Houston, were strewn with attacks between candidates, especially from senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz against Trump.

His campaign said he has already begun calling each candidate personally to set up the meeting in Detroit, where the debate is being held on Fox News Thursday night.

"If we are to defeat our democratic opponent in the general election this November, we must reach an agreement together each other (sic) that we will not succumb to the media's desire for a fight on the stage in Detroit," Dr. Carson added.

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