Bachelorette Party Crashes BBC's Olympic Coverage

"This could be interesting," host Dan Walker said before the bride joined him on air

A bachelorette party stumbled into BBC Four's coverage of the Rio Olympics, proving anything can happen on live television.

"It’s a Brazilian hen party," host Dan Walker said as the bride-to-be and her cohorts, wearing matching T-shirts, walked by the British broadcaster's set on Copacabana Beach on Saturday evening.

The bride, Maria, ducks past the security ropes and before a security official could stop her, Walker invites her to join him, telling viewers, "This could be interesting."

"Maria, Maria," her boisterous friends chant as Walker asks the woman about her upcoming nuptials.

The bride-to-be reveals she is getting married in a month and used the opportunity to send a message to her soon-to-be husband.

"I love you so much," Maria said. "You are my love, love, love."

Walker then attempts to end the interview by suggesting that Maria "exit graciously that way," pointing to her friends. But instead, Maria urges viewers to watch BBC and prompts her friends to chant “BBC, BBC!”

"Wow, that was a bit special. You don't get that on BBC One," Walker quipped.

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