Apple's iPhone to Get Cat-Like Reflexes

Apple has filed for a patent that could cause a dropped iPhone to land to twist in the air to stop some or all damage cause by the fall.

The patent would be using a sensor to detect when the device is falling and its position to the ground, according to AppleInsider. The sensor could be a gyroscope or other kinds of sensors, but the patent also calls for a processor to calculate freefall and time to impact. The patent suggests then an emergency mechanism could be deployed, such as puff of gas or extending air foils to lesson the speed or move the device to a less vulnerable position.

While the patent could be applied to laptops and iPads, we think the only object able to move quickly within a few feet would be something small, such as an iPhone. Even then, such an update to the iPhone isn't happening anytime soon. Any protective mechanism is bound to add to the weight of the current streamlined iPhone and we don't think Apple will alter its formula very much for its next version.

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