Report: Apple Has Employee Retention Problem

Previously we wrote about how Apple's stock price has been disappointing shareholders and Wall Street, but now apparently it's scaring off employees
According to one analyst, the tanking stock is causing Apple employees to jump ship to Google, LinkedIn and other Silicon Valley employers, CNBC reported.
"The stock price cannot be turned around if Apple can't attract people," Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities, told CNBC. "The employees should come ahead of shareholders. Apple needs to treat their employees like gods." 
Chowdhry said that he's been speaking to numerous recruiters at tech conferences and that he knew that Apple is beginning to have a "retention problem" that could be serious and many employees could see their future at Apple as "bleak."
Other analysts also agreed that stock performance and employee morale are linked, which would mean that Apple employee morale started nosediving late last year when shares dropped from $705 in September to $400.18 as of this writing.
While we're not sure there's a direct correlation, it's likely that a sense of optimism isn't flooding the halls of Apple's campus. We also know that Apple employees aren't the highest paid in Silicon Valley (that's Google), so if they do leave, they likely may be getting more money as well as better morale.
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