Apple Devices Will Know Your Face

Apple has applied for a facial recognition patent that can recognize users by their faces and allow the devices to permit or deny access.

Apple will use a forward-facing camera to recognize an individual user and its iOS devices could automatically customize applications, settings and features to a user's personal preferences once they pick up the device, AppleInsider reported.
The patent application, called "Low Threshold Face Recognition," described how the device will recognize a user by using facial recognition with a  "low-computation solution for reasonably effective (low threshold) face recognition that can be implemented on camera-equipped consumer portable appliances."
Essentially rather than waste battery life on a full face scan, the facial recognition will be lower tech and rely on parts of a human face, such as the eyes, mouth or nose. By recognizing individual features and measuring the distance between them, it may just be enough technology to confirm someone's identity and keep a machine's extended battery life.
Facial recognition isn't new, but it is gaining in momentum. Previously we wrote in July about how Apple had acquired Polar Rose, a facial recognition software company, and opened up the technology to developers. Facebook has used facial recognition software to tag users in pictures and Google+ has now started "Find My Face" across the social network. While many may complain their face on social networks, the response to facial recognition software on one's own iPad or iPhone would generally be position. You don't want anyone else using it, do you? 
The only problem? It may not be discriminating enough. So if someone has similar-looking friends or siblings who like to borrow personal electronics, he or she may find that facial recognition software may not be that secure.
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