Apple Hires Ahrendts Protege for Social Media

Apple Burberry

Apple has hired Musa Tariq, the former social media executive for Nike and Burberry, according to reports.

Apple's new retail and online stores chief Angela Ahrendts also came from Burberry where she knew Tariq, according to 9to5Apple. Tariq will report directly to Ahrendts and was deemed "instrumental" creating the Burberry brand along with her. An unnamed source said that Ahrendts "loves [Tariq] to bits," which likely is the main reason he's heading to Apple. Ah, but not so quick! Apparently, Apple chief Tim Cook also has a thing for poaching Nike higher-ups (maybe because he gets a close look as a member of Nike's board of directors?), so it all worked out.

The hire also signifies that Apple may be getting more serious about social media. Last month we wrote about Apple wanting to create its own advertising and marketing firm to compete with outside agencies, and that means it needs a solid social media program.
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