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WATCH: Deli Worker Pulls Machete on Armed Robber

The armed robber fired a shot as he demanded cash at the Stop & Shop



    A worker at a Long Island deli chases off an armed, masked gunman with a machete. The robber barged into the deli on Sept. 25, 2013, and fired a shot as he demanded cash. Note: police say the August 2011 date on the video is a glitch of the camera and is not correct. (Published Monday, Oct. 7, 2013)

    A New York deli worker pulled a machete from under his counter and chased away an armed, masked gunman who fired a shot at the wall as he demanded money, police said. 

    Police on Long Island say the gunman entered the Stop & Shop Deli on Crooked Hill Road Sept. 25 and fired his silver .22-caliber pistol as he ordered the worker to stuff his Air Jordan backpack with cash.

    But the 24-year-old worker, seen in surveillance video released by police, flipped the script on the robber and reached below his counter, where he grabbed a machete.

    In less than three seconds, the worker withdrew the machete -- which appeared to be about 2 feet long -- from its black sheath, opened the gate in his counter and charged after the gunman. 

    The robber took off out the door as the deli worker chased him, slashing the machete in the air. He chased him all the way across the parking lot.

    Deli owner Elena Alvarado told NBC 4 New York the store started keeping the machete behind the counter just a month ago, "for protection."

    She said she wished her worker, who has been employed there part-time for four years, would not have gone after the robber, saying it was a risky move.

    "You can make money again, but not your life," she said.

    Police say the robber was wearing a gray mask, a black athletic stop with white stripes on the sleeves, dark pants and black-and-white sneakers. 

    The August 2011 date on the video is a glitch of the camera and is not correct, according to police.

    Suffolk County Crime Stoppers are asking for anyone with information to call 1-800-220-TIPS.

    --Greg Cergol contributed to this story