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Cat Returns Home 6 Months After Going Missing During Sandy



    Cat Lost During Sandy Finds His Way Back Home

    In the six months since Superstorm Sandy, we've brought you heartbreaking stories of devastation. But this is not one of them, thanks to a lost cat who made an amazing journey back to his family. The cat disappeared in the aftermath of the storm, but managed to travel the eight miles back to his family's Chadwick Beach Island home. NBC10 Jersey Shore Bureau reporter Ted Greenberg has the details. (Published Friday, May 3, 2013)

    Uranie Roberts only has one way to describe it.

    "It's a miracle," she said.

    Lost for half a year, her beloved pet cat “Porsche” somehow found his way home.

    Last November, Roberts and her family, including Porsche, had to be evacuated by boat from their home in the Chadwick Beach Island section of Toms River after Superstorm Sandy hit the area. The family temporarily relocated to a relative’s home in Point Pleasant Borough before returning to Toms River. While the family was in Point Pleasant however, Porsche went missing.

    “He got out of the house and that was the last we saw of him,” said Carol Baumann, Uranie’s daughter.

    Baumann believed Porsche was gone for good. That was until Wednesday when she heard the familiar sound of meowing coming from the back deck of their Toms River home. When she walked towards it, she saw something she never thought she would see again.

    “I saw the green eyes and I said, ‘My God in heaven, it’s Porsche!’” said Baumann.

    Somehow the cat managed to travel eight miles through storm destruction, traffic and even over a bridge to get back to his original home.

    “It’s just amazing how he found his way home,” said Baumann. “I wish he could talk.”

    Baumann and Roberts plan to have Porsche checked out by a vet next week. They say however that it doesn’t look like he missed many meals in the past six months.

    “You could see he was eating,” said Uranie. “His fur is sleek and soft.”

    Whether he’s just extremely resourceful or truly does have nine lives, Baumann and Roberts are just glad to have him back.

    “It’s wonderful,” said Baumann. “I missed him so bad.”