‘Captain America' Fan in San Diego Dies From Cancer

"Strength doesn’t really come from your muscles. It comes from your spirit, your heart, and love," said Ryan Wilcox.

An 18-year-old San Diegan battling cancer, who drew strength from the superheroes in the "Captain America" film, died early Saturday morning.

His death was confirmed on social media, via the "Team Ryan" Facebook page dedicated to his recovery.

The Facebook post announcing the passing of Ryan Wilcox read: "Ryan we love you so much and we'll miss you always and forever. Love you to heaven and back. Fly high SuperMan...you are free."

Wilcox, a student at Grossmont High School, was so beloved by his classmates that earlier this year they held a social media campaign and a school rally in his honor. Students dressed up in Captain America garb and held a banner that read: "#RyanStrong."

After his passing, the Grossmont High School Associated Student Body (ASB) posted a quote from Ryan on Facebook, with a picture of the high school rallying behind him, that reads: "Strength doesn't really come from your muscles. It comes from your spirit, your heart and love."

At the rally this past spring and on social media, the students asked for Wilcox to receive a visit from his idols, the cast of Captain America.

“He isn’t doing too well and this would be a major way to boost his spirits and quite frankly be the best moment of his life if he literally got to meet his hero,” read a Facebook post from the Grossmont High School ASB, just four months ago.

Hollywood actor Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America, responded to the request with a video played at the school May 6. In the video, Evans said, "Just wanted to say stay strong. I know you're fighting the good fight. It's people like you, with strength like yours, that inspire people like me."

Two weeks after the rally in May, Wilcox received a surprise visit from Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Patrow, aka Captain America, Iron Man and Pepper Potts.

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