San Diego

Wounded Warriors End Journey Across America in San Diego

These wounded warriors said the mission was about much more than just a ride

Dozens of wounded warriors ended their bicycling trip across America to raise awareness for veteran's issues in San Diego on Sunday. 

With more than 3,000 miles completed, these wounded warriors said the mission was about much more than just a ride.

"When you're doing that, it's therapy," Jose Villasenor said. "It's releasing a lot of that angst, the anxiety the depression, the substance abuse, the hardships that we had to see, the friends that we've lost. all the things that make life not so positive all of a sudden that cathartic pressure release valve is let go."

The cyclists biked from coast to coast in 30 days. Each had different disabilities but none of them let their wounds or challenges stop them.

"I was injured in Iraq," Vicky Lyles said. "I have a TBI, I have a back injury, right foot and some nerve issues but keep peddling and keep pushing."

The cyclists visited several cities on their journey. From Ground Zero in New York to Washington, DC, to Lubbock, Texas, before ending in San Diego.

For Villasenor, he hopes wounded warriors like him know they can get through anything.

"You have a family, you have kids, you have brothers and sisters that are waiting for you," he said.

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