Why Isn't It Sunny and 70?

Mother Nature's roller coaster ride continues this week.

In just the past few days, we've gone from stormy weather (Saturday's rain and wind) to almost summerlike weather (Sunday's and Monday's sunny 70s and 80s) to today: cloudy, cool and breezy.  What's up? Certainly not the thermometer.

The culprit is a strong, winterlike storm that's moving south out of the Pacific Northwest.  Believe it or not, the heart of the storm is still hundreds of miles to our north and won't come anywhere near us; it will veer off to the east instead, kicking up heavy rain and even some snow in Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado.  All we're going to get out of it is a strong onshore flow, plus and increase in clouds and maybe, just maybe, a little drizzle, a few sprinkles or possibly a shower or two late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

While rain is questionable; however, that's not the case with the wind.  As this trough continues sagging south, winds are expected to really start picking up later on Tuesday, especially in the mountains and deserts. There's a high wind watch already in place for these areas. Gusts could reach 60 mph.  This could produce hazardous driving conditions through the mountains, especially for high-profile vehicles.  There will also be a lot of blowing sand and dust out in the deserts during the next couple of days.

What's next, once the storm pulls off to the east? How about a return to "sunny and 70s."  High pressure rapidly following on the heels of the trough should bring mostly sunny skies to the region by Friday and beautiful beach weather for the weekend.

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